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At this crucial moment, the future of advanced diagnostics/personalized medicine stands at a crossroads. National health care reform offers the prospect of expanded access to healthcare for millions of Americans, and the opportunities for development of lifesaving technologies have never been greater. Yet at the same time, long-standing obstacles and new threats — such as legislative proposals to tax medical devices, initiatives to increase FDA regulation of laboratory-developed tests, and the perpetuation of an outdated framework for Medicare coding, coverage, and payment — could jeopardize the development of new advanced diagnostic technologies.

Since 2006, the Coalition for 21st Century Medicine has taken an active role as the policy voice for advanced diagnostic technologies in Washington. Our focus on advanced diagnostics distinguishes us from many of our peer groups, including device or laboratory trade associations and broader personalized medicine organizations.

In this environment of both significant opportunities and significant challenges, we encourage you to join what has proven to be one of the most nimble and effective advocacy organizations devoted solely to the promotion of advanced diagnostics. Never has your membership in the Coalition been more important than it is now, as we look forward to enacting the most significant health-related legislation of the decade and stand on the cusp of a revolution in the delivery of personalized health care.

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  • Diagnostic Technology Companies
  • Clinical Laboratories

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