Our Mission

To improve the quality of healthcare by encouraging research, development, and commercialization of innovative diagnostic technologies that personalize patient care, improve patient outcomes, and substantially reduce healthcare costs.

Advanced Diagnostics — Key to the Future of Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Development of and access to innovative molecular diagnostics is essential to enabling individualized treatment and has the potential to revolutionize our healthcare system. Advances in technology and genomic information are rapidly changing the commercial diagnostic landscape and opening up new opportunities for advanced diagnostic tests. Government policies play a crucial role in diagnostic innovation and have the potential either to slow such innovation or to help lower diagnostic development risks/barriers.

Ensuring Diagnostics Innovation and Availability

The Coalition for 21st Century Medicine represents the world’s most renowned diagnostic technology companies, clinical laboratories, researchers, physicians, and patient advocacy groups. We’re working to ensure that high quality, innovative diagnostic tests — necessary to assure that timely and accurate information is available when diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy decisions need to be made — are available to patients and their physicians. To that end, we’re working with policymakers to maintain the balance between regulation and innovation and to ensure that policy promotes rapid access to new diagnostic information.